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Panasonic Phone Systems - Business PBX System


Panasonic Phone Systems for Business in Dubai

Panasonic phone systems provide you with the flexibility necessary for any company today. Panasonic PBX Systems having  Ultimate flexibility and reliability, they"re able to be configured to satisfy the requirements of any organisation from the one-site organisation looking to grow and needing the whole with all the flexibility to take care of improving demand for services, to some multi-site company needing efficient communication options across locations and/or time zones. Our telephone system range covers an extensive number of office communication products, from simple digital systems with traditional desk based handsets, to advanced IP based network communications platforms for large organisations based in multiple locations.

Panasonic Phone System with  combined advantages of traditional telephone systems with ip telephony. Panasonic Phone Systems offer   business friendly features and functionality  and also the capability to handle all your communication needs. The Panasonic analogue telephone systems permit you to migrate to IP phone system gradually. With a  flexible call management along with a varied terminal line-up, this Panasonic office phone system is the right solution for wireless communication needs. Panasonic Phone systems centralize the management of business communications and therefore costs is usually reduced and efficiency improved.When it come to hybrid digital phone system it is Packed with advanced applications and features. The hybrid PBX digital systems offer an industry-leading mixture of reliable PBX products along with IP technology, providing a competent and versatile selection of wireless and wired communications systems.

Panasonic Unified Communication Platform

Panasonic Phone SystemsPanasonic NS Series Unified communication Phone System  specifically for small or medium-sized businesses with budget, Increase satisfaction  and efficiency in mind.Panasonic NS Series are suited for SMB"S with the ability to manage big future growth.The system has sufficient capacity for legacy and IP ports, and easily expandable can be used to expand the system when you want. The NS Series PBX System , which has rich IP features, such as mobile linking, integrated voicemail and e-mail, instant messaging (chat), and presence information.



Hybrid system Up to 8 CO lines and 24 Extensions Direct Inward System Access (DISA) with message Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) with message Day/Night/Lunch mode Caller ID Display on SLT Build-in Voice Message (optional) 3-level Automatic Reception with Voice Guidance Flexible SMS Routing.


Panasonic NS Series Phone Systems

The KX NS Series PBX Systems provides flexible system  configurations that freely combine both IP and legacy systems to cost-effectively respond to your needs. These Unified Communication System has several features that can enhance your business. Panasonic KX-NS series Dubai  send an e-mail to notify you when you have new voice messages. The messages can also be received as attachment files and forwarded. E-mail notification can also be sent for missed calls where the customer did not leave a message, so you can quickly contact the customer.As long as the KX-NS series can connect to the internet, you can use IP equipment as extensions (Built-in Media Relay Gateway: MRG). You can contact customers when you are at the office and when you are away from the office.

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Panasonic TDA & TDE Series

Enhance your business with a solution designed to meet your ever changing needs - with wireless mobility, business productivity applications, network solutions and a common infrastructure that helps connect all your users, wherever they may be.Transform your business using a solution made to meet your ever-changing needs - with wireless mobility, business productivity applications, network solutions along with a common infrastructure that can help connect all of your users, wherever they could be.Existing KX-TDA systems can be simply upgraded towards the KX-TDE systems simply by replacing the main processor card ( IPCMPR ) to benefit from all of the capabilities of this system. With the Panasonic  KX-TDE  PBX Systems  you can choose from any type of telephone terminals - digital, DECT wireless, or the new stylish IP telephones. And with support for all the digital, analogue, IP phones, and IP Softphones designed for the KX-TDA PBX systems - the KX-TDE gives you an extensive choice of telephone terminals to suit your specific business telephony needs.

Panasonic TDA Series specifically designed for the Mid-size business. Coming with a Modular and scalable in architecture  the systems are designed to satisfy all business communication needs. KX-TDA business telephony solutions combine advantages of traditional telecommunications together with the convergence of IP technology  offering maximum feature and flexibility to handle all your corporate communication needs.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Grandstream GXP1700 Series IP Phones


Right now, as the technology progressing to newer levels, a number of companies are looking forward to benefits the business in many ways. And one such way is the switching off their conventional telephone system to VOIP system. What motivates business to embrace the VOIP? By accepting VOIP, the business can have many advantages that includes the cheap phone service, affordable long distance calls, Free calling features, mobility, convenience, enhance employee productivity, ability to integrate with the applications and much more. VOIP system make use of IP network to send and receive calls.

If you are in search for new business phones, take advantage of the leading products available in the market. Well known for their great value and performance, Grandstream IP phones are the most reckoned ones that you really can rely on. Grandstream IP phones deliver exceptional performance in terms of sound quality and other telephony features. Its broad interoperability features with the SIP-based products make these products a choice for many complex business environments. Due to which it has always been widely counted as the manufacturer of next generation VOIP phones.

Awaiting for the launch – New Grandstream GXP1700 series IP phones

Grandstream, a global player in the communication domain is about to launch its new GXP1700 series of IP phones for the fast-growing business, which it hopes will ensure its leadership position in the IP telephony systems. The features and functionalities, definitely prompt your business to fall in love with this series, that even available at entry level price. Consider trying to make your business bigger with the Grandstream IP phones. What makes this series more favorable before its launch? Definitely it has all the features and tools for greater efficiency and productivity – Mid-range line support, Digital BLF/Speed Dial Keys, HD audio, Integrated PoE and Gigabit Option.

Browse GXP1700 series IP Phones and discover the two models GXP1760 and GXP1780/1782

Grandstream GXP1760 Features

  • Support 6 Lines

  • Support 3 SIP accounts

  • 5-way audio conferencing

  • 24 digital BLF/Speed Dial keys

Grandstream GXP1780/1782 features

  • Support 8 lines

  • Support 4 SIP accounts

  • 5-way audio conferencing

  • 32 digital BLF/Speed Dial Keys

Through all these features and at an attractive price, Grandstream is all set to surprise the communication world. 

Transform your business with the leader in IP telephony

Vector Digital Systems is renowned as the leading service provider in the vertical of IP telephony in Dubai. The customer-centric approach and a strong network delivering highest quality solutions across business of all sizes made us a leading player in the IP telephony domain. We offer solutions to all kinds of industries and institutions in and around UAE. The portfolio of services we render include IP phone systems and wireless phone systems – no matter the size of your business, we have a system for you. Today most of the businesses are a part over an IP network that ties together with Voice, Data and other unified communication systems. With the Grandstream IP systems, we help you to get the system for you ranging from planning to installation. We have our service operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman.

Get in touch with us for more details.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hikvision CCTV Dubai


Hikvision CCTV

Every organization must have a strong and reliable security policy. It includes who is covered, what is protected and what protective measures must be in place to ensure proper protection of its assets, environment and employees. The advancement of technology gave way to modern surveillance that almost lead to the death of traditional surveillance system. Now the business began to accept CCTV security surveillance as a measure to enhance its protection. These systems could help the business to reduce the security lapses in a surveillance in a greater level and the alliance with these systems must be focused to cover the following aspects.

  • Comprehensive coverage of environment and assets in an organization or residence

  • The system should be able to increase productivity and efficiency.

Businesses engaged in the traditional security will find difficult to shift to CCTV security surveillance initially. The economic advantages and the outcomes it produce prepared organizations to change over to CCTV security surveillance. If you are looking for a security surveillance solution, take a chance on the right CCTV solution provider who are capable of providing high quality system at affordable rate. Presumably, installing the system brings you better results and help to do the job better.


CCTV Installation Dubai

Thursday, September 1, 2016

CP Plus CCTV Dubai


CP Plus CCTV Dubai

As far as the organizations are concerned identifying possible threats and vulnerabilities are of prime importance. When it comes to protection, you will need to decide what security enhancements are to make and the type of plans need to implement. For some small companies simple security surveillance may be all that is needed, but others feel more succumbed to attacks and so should apply security surveillance to undermine the risk. As a matter of fact there is need for upgrading the security with emphasis on protection and improving productivity. Now business starts to embrace CCTV surveillance to beef up security to avert any unfortunate incidents. Thanks to technology, now it has become a common security tool in almost every workplace, as well it is so affordable that owners can buy and install with minimal effort.


Strengthen security with CCTV Security Systems

Belief in the CCTV security is increasing. Many of the organizations which normally overlooked the security issues in the business before, now become more aware of their security services and systems - creating a demand for the security products including the cameras and recording systems. Companies must seriously look into a protection system to protect their assets and facilities against theft, damage or other attacks.

Security solution with CP Plus systems

Being an exceptional leader in the security industry, CP Plus is always in the forefront of global innovation. CP Plus security systems are widely acclaimed in the market comprehensively. It has the advanced systems that offer refined solutions to your various security needs. And by delivering solutions consistently to the business and homes, Vector Digitals once again proved it’s the best CCTV solution provider in Dubai. Though the multitude of security products are available we deal with CP plus IP cameras, CP plus Analog Cameras, CP plus Network Video recorder and CP plus HDCVI camera.

Feel the real with CP plus IP cameras

CP plus IP cameras (Network Cameras) deliver the result that the clients expect. These systems have more strategic role in the IP surveillance and due to its high performance in capturing quality images, the CP plus IP cameras are in great demand. With the varied types and models, these cameras can be best utilized to monitor every type of surveillance and it’s easy to use nature makes it a promising solution for all security applications. It extend the features such as it is good for Night Vision, Long distance live data transmission, superb IP range, digital capture, high-quality sensors, high-resolution images and more...

Capture with Analog cameras

No other analog cameras can balance the quality and output in a better way than the CP plus Analog cameras does. These cameras are perfectly good for any security application that needs quality surveillance. Keep a watch on the activities with the CP plus Analog cameras, you can assure that your premises are safe and secure. Vector Digitals deliver impeccable CCTV solutions with these products to industries and residences in Dubai.

CP Plus HDCVI Cameras – High definition composite video interface technology.

Its strong penchant towards advanced technology managed CP plus to come up with HDCVI cameras. The ability to produce quality resolution images in analog system makes HDCVI technology a favorable choice for the business. CP plus HDCVI cameras are designed to be used with the analog surveillance system and it extends the benefit to experience high-quality surveillance, that even without changing to IP surveillance system at reasonable cost. CP plus comes with different versions of HDCVI cameras and it includes Bullet cameras, Dome cameras, Vandal Dome and Pinhole.

CP Plus Network Video Recorder:

The recording solution that CP plus NVR (Network Video Recorder) delivers is outstanding. Vector Digitals is experienced in utilizing the features and functionalities of CP plus NVR. We make it possible for the business of all sizes to deploy a robust security surveillance with varied range of CP plus NVRs and CP plus IP cameras. It has the following features and it includes support of Real time live view, Support other brand IP cameras, Smart search by time and date, Simultaneous video Output, Play back features and much more.

CP Plus Digital Video Recorder

DVR or digital video recorder brings Analog cameras into the digital age. DVR allows the system to record the images/videos from analog cameras in digital format and store it in a storage device. Unlike conventional systems, DVRs have feature that allows to provide real-time preview, playback facilities, remote access, real-time recording, alarm important events and much more. CP plus DVR can be well-used with the CP plus Analog cameras to produce clearer and better surveillance.

Vector Dubai has prowess to deliver you a total security surveillance solution to your business and residences in Dubai.  We have our service operational in the region of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. Our ability to design and implement the systems across various industries and institutions have made us the best CCTV service provider in Dubai.

Don’t lean back to the decision of implementing surveillance system in your establishment. Contact us now for to know more on the design and implementation.


Grandstream CCTV Dubai


Grandstream CCTV Dubai

CCTV surveillance is becoming more and more sophisticated every year. There is always a wide belief that surveillance systems are all about ensuring protection, but that’s almost never the case. Security is surely on the list, but it improves the productivity and efficiency of the employees as well. You can make your business more difficult to break into by installing security cameras. Now these days with the technological advances, the surveillance systems are more dependable and affordable that almost every business can afford. Definitely, having the systems installed will deter the chance of burglary or robbery, employee theft and other illicit happenings around the premises. Make sure to have all your prime locations mounted with the security cameras. The success of a surveillance system depends on the features and the ability of the security products it choose to serve. So it is crucial to have the best cameras in place and with the right system and right provider you can attain the best results.

Grandstream is well-known for being a pioneer in the field of security surveillance. You can develop surveillance system with Grandstream IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and Video management software. Vector Digitals is effective in implementing security surveillance system to industries across various domains with Grandstream IP cameras and Network Video recorders. As a solution to meet the challenges, Grandstream has responded to it by developing security products that has advanced features and functionalities.

Grandstream presents IP products that gives a fully digital surveillance system across wide variety of security applications. It consists of HD IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, video management software, encoders and decoders.


Grandstream IP cameras in Dubai

Getting the right system is the best thing you can do for a perfect solution. Recent years have witnessed a shift towards high-definition IP cameras. People are getting better at selecting things that are of high value and it is true in the case of security systems as well. Grandstream IP cameras have that the special value that fulfills almost every security requirement of any kind and size of business. The IP cameras comes in a variety of shapes and it is intended to fit for any residential/business applications. It features the full High Definition solution and encompass feature to notify users in the event of any forbidden access. Wide angle monitoring capacity makes this product a good choice for all businesses.

It supports features that includes variable focal length, weather proof casing, Supports Motion Detection, Support integration with third party speakers, Provides Encryption security, Sip support etc…

 Grand Stream Network Video Recorder in Dubai

Network Video recorder is compatible with IP cameras only. NVR can be best utilized to manage multiple cameras from a centralized location. High storage capacity enables to store large video files and can keep it for long for later viewing. As well it enables to view the images/videos from multiple cameras through a single interface.

With the Grandstream NVR, you can manage and record the videos real time. NVR with Varied storage capacities are available with Grandstream. Auto detecting feature of Grandstream cameras and the facility of integrating with other party devices makes Grandstream a good choice for a perfect IP surveillance. Some of the features it supports include Video recording, indexing and searching, Supports Motion Detection, Supports SIP Video, Video management software and much more.

Grandstream security products have all the features to support surveillance in a much-refined way. Associating with these systems, Vector Digitals has the expertise providing you a robust and accessible solution to your business. As well, we have our services operational in the area of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. Our capability to deploy systems across various verticals have earned us the best CCTV service provider in Dubai.

Contact us now for to know more on the CCTV security installations with Grandstream CCTV surveillance systems in Dubai.


Bosch CCTV Dubai


Bosch CCTV Dubai

Most of the businesses are moving to the responsibility of implementing security measures with CCTV surveillance systems. What business of today have to consider is about the possible assaults from within and outside environment. By putting a great deal of trust the finest thing is to consider new age surveillance system for your business. It provides you fine-grained control and coverage of your environment in a much-refined way. Most organizations implement security systems as a goal to beef up security and reduce risks associated with crime and theft and moreover to augment the productivity and efficiency among employees. A complete and proper installation can bring intended effects to the surveillance in an effective way. Business and homes can take full advantage from the CCTV surveillance if they manage the system with privacy in mind.

You will be amazed how much better you feel safe with the CCTV systems in your business and at homes.


Bosch CCTV systems and Bosch IP Cameras:

Well known in the area of Security Surveillance products, Bosch presents a variety of CCTV products including IP cameras, Analog Cameras and DVRs. It offers various security features that push business to move a positive way. Utilizing fully the features under given financial constraints, Vector Digitals develop versatile and concrete CCTV security systems with Bosch systems that meet client’s requirements. Bosch presents IP Cameras that would appeal to all types of security applications. The varied categories of Bosch IP cameras in Dubai includes Fixed IP cameras, moving cameras and panoramic cameras. The features comprises of Exceptional strength, High dynamic range, Interoperability with other systems, intelligent tracking, HD resolution, Video analytics and more.


Analog Cameras

The Bosch analog cameras are really good for applications that need good resolution images and the advantages include Night capturing possible with imaging technology, High Sensitivity, Wide coverage, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, Strong design, optimized image visibility and more.

Network Video Recorders and Digital Video recorders

The recording solutions from Bosch is promising for business with a single camera to several hundred cameras. The Bosch recording system together with cameras offers a complete IP recording solution. Network Video Recorder has the following features and it includes robust and secure operation, Real-time access to video, advanced user management, Search made easy, remote watching possible, Advanced Alarm management, Support up to 32 channels, Video Management software, fully modular design etc…

Bosh Digital Video recorder offer features that includes Network function for remote monitoring, Remote playback control and alarm warning, Real-time monitoring, High resolution and more.

Enhance security with the best CCTV provider in Dubai.

Vector Digitals have an answer to whatever security needs you have. The CCTV solution is enriched with state of the art technologies and enable the clients to have a peaceful mind. We provide CCTV installation in Dubai to various industries, corporates and other major complex environments. We make an outline plan in accord with your needs, consult with you and come with a successful solution. We fully exploit our experience to form a high-end security surveillance solution for you and your business with Bosch CCTV in Dubai. Our services cover in other regions of UAE as well and it includes Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. With Bosch systems, our end to end solution would be of great security to your business. Set aside your worries take your business with harmony.

Be feel to get in touch with us for a high and secured environment.


Dahua CCTV Dubai

Dahua CCTV Dubai